BY Francisco Rendon

Many will remember Jason Garner as the former CEO of Global Music for Live Nation. He was promoted to that role in 2008 at the age of 35 but was out of work just two years later. That period proved to be a major opportunity for reorientation and he wrote the book “...And I Breathed: My Journey from a Life of Matter to a Life That Matters”... READ MORE »

BY Jem Aswad

At a time when nearly everyone could use a mental-health break, 15 meditation experts have united to launch "Love4Live," a free-of-charge “portal of refuge, community, and support for the concert industry” that includes conversations, meditation classes, and a virtual retreat to the tens of thousands of concert industry workers impacted by the global shutdown. Resources are available now until the first week of December... READ MORE »

BY Minda Zetlin

Do you find yourself getting stressed in your work life, your home life, or both? Ever wish you could find ways to keep stress from affecting you so badly, and stop life's upsets, large and small, from bringing you down? While there's no magic shield against the stressors and painful events... READ MORE »

BY Jason Garner

In business, we’ve learned to nurture our careers by investing time and energy into the factors necessary for success. We’ve become sensitive to signs of distress, flexible to variables, and willing to adapt when necessary. In fact, we’re so good at caring for business that we even say that we "love" our jobs... READ MORE »

BY Brigid Schulte

He hobnobbed with celebrities like Chris Martin of Coldplay and Toby Keith and dined with President Obama at George Clooney’s house. He was rich. But inside, he felt hollow. It took the death of his mother to force him to look inside and make a change, one he recounts in his new memoir, “And I Breathed: My Journey from a Life of Matter to a Life that Matters.” He explains... READ MORE »