BY Cheryl Conner

In 2008, Jason Garner, then the CEO of Concerts for Live Nation, was #15 on Fortune’s Highest Paid Under 40 list. On Oct. 29 of 2010 he was unemployed. The year prior, at age 37, Garner had faced the death of his mother, who had raised him as a single parent in Arizona, from stomach cancer... READ MORE »

BY Alexander C. Kaufman

After mourning her death, Garner, then 37, returned to his job at event promotion giant Live Nation, where he served as chief executive of the concert division. He didn’t last another year there. “I realized how much of my life had been subconsciously driven to make my mom proud... READ MORE »

BY Varun Uttamchandani

At age 35, Jason Garner had it all: he worked with A-list acts like Coldplay and Usher, was twice named to Fortune Magazine’s list of the top 20 highest paid executives under 40, and had the fast-paced, luxurious lifestyle that every Wharton student aspires to have. As former CEO of Global Music at Live Nation... READ MORE »

BY David K. Williams

The news tugged at my heart, stirring the memory of the death of my son Cameron, who passed away at the tender age of 25 from stomach cancer. Sheryl spoke for all of us who’ve lost a loved one when she said, “Today we will put the love of my life to rest, but only his body … his spirit and soul are still with us... READ MORE »

BY Jenna Romaine

But in a society obsessed with prominence and achievement, the pressures to obtain a status of success that is so elusive left Garner on the verge of losing it all. His poignant memoir, And I Breathed, chronicles Garner’s life through the struggles of reaching self-content and a need for love.. READ MORE »

BY Deborah Speer

Jason Garner, who rocketed from flea market parking lot attendant to CEO of Global Music for Live Nation, should have been the happiest – if not the luckiest – guy on earth in 2011. Instead, he’d lost his mother to cancer, his second wife to divorce, and his job to what he calls a “conscious uncoupling.”.. READ MORE »