IMG_4731I spent my first 37 years running through life holding my breath. Raised by a single mom, moving from house to house, working really hard in school and later in business, believing that to be loved I had to be the best.

I scrapped my way from a weekend job at a flea market to owning my own concert company and all the way to becoming an executive at a Fortune 500 company. I was married twice, divorced twice, raised two children largely on my own, met rock stars and sports legends, made a bunch of money and then … a series of events centered around the sudden death of my mom brought my life to a halt and my ego to its knees.

Jason and ChristyI took a break from the endless treadmill of my life and got to know myself at the feet of amazing teachers. I studied health and spirituality and the inner-workings of my mind, I met the woman of my dreams, and, for the first time in my life … I breathed.

That is what this site is about – the perspectives gained by the lessons learned on my journey, and what I continue to discover along the way.

I have learned that life can be a meditation. I believe that every day, everywhere, every act in our life is an opportunity to express our love for others by loving ourselves. I believe that we will change the world only by caring for ourselves, because only a loved soul can shine light on others.

I have learned that we can have money and happiness. I believe that we can be enlightened from wherever we sit, whether that’s an office or an ashram. I believe spirituality is alive in business and business is alive in spirituality and it’s time to recognize the value of both in this world.

And most importantly, I know that all is well because we are not alone. We have been perfectly placed here at this moment for this opportunity to experience life together.