BY David K. Williams

Our leadership group at Fishbowl was fortunate to read a pre-release of Jason Garner’s enlightening new book, entitled And I Breathed: My Journey from a Life of Matter to a Life That Matters. According to Jason, a former Fortune 500 company executive turned spiritual student, true entrepreneurial success comes from embracing the qualities... READ MORE »

BY Vince Kiernan

Jason Garner has seen it all: After serving as the CEO of Global Music at LiveNation Entertainment for seven years, the 37-year-old entrepreneur now dons the titles of author, blogger and world-class yogi. In a new tell-all memoir called“…And I Breathed,” Garner recounts his ups and downs... READ MORE »

BY Mary MacVean

One hundred fifty people sat in the big meeting room, hands on laps, eyes closed, feet flat on the floor. "Bring your attention to this moment," Janice Marturano instructed. "Be open to sensations of warmth or coolness, sensations of fullness from breakfast, or perhaps hunger." Minutes later, the meditation ended with the traditional strikes of little hand cymbals... READ MORE »

BY Anna Meixlera

Though Garner had risen from poverty to international success and was rated among the top 20 highest earning CEOs under 40 by Fortune Magazine, he quit his corporate lifestyle cold turkey. Once known as a voracious businessman booking concerts worldwide, Garner now spends his days practicing yoga and meditation.. READ MORE »

BY Steve Hind

At 37 Jason Garner was the CEO of Global Music for Live Nation, working with artists like Coldplay, John Mayer, Beyonce and Jay Z to produce over 20,000 concerts a year. A year later, in 2009, Jason looked at his life and decided to walk away. His mother had just died of cancer. He had been divorced twice. He wasn’t looking after his body... READ MORE »

BY Cheryl Conner

Last year I interviewed Jason Garner, former CEO of Global Music for Live Nation about his book, And I Breathed, My Journey from a Life of Matter to a Life That Matters about the journey that led him from his executive desk to sitting cross-legged with spiritual gurus to find peace and fulfillment. In that conversation, Jason discussed his belief that compassion and open-heartedness are key components of business leadership... READ MORE »